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Reviewed by Sarah White on Mar 28, 2015

It turns out that ginger is hard to remove from curtains, how it got there is a different story. I had to call these guys to come over and give me a hand and they did a splendid job in removing the smell, small particles and even the stains from my cotton curtains. Pure magic!


Reviewed by Luke Heinsworth on Sep 6, 2014

I couldn’t believe when they showed me the before and after pictures, the difference was simply amazing. Over time one doesn’t realize how much dirt a wall to wall carpet can accumulate, but after it gets cleaned its like it’s all brand new. They even left small overshoes to protect our feet from getting wet during the drying time of the carpet. There was some furniture that we forgot to move before the appointment, but the team handled it without a problem and moved everything back in place after they were done, very convenient and thoughtful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good cleaning service.


Reviewed by Caron Lawrence on Jun 9, 2012

I have a son who is very sensitive to all kinds of dusts, pollens and anything airborne so absolute cleanliness is of great importance. I decided to trust these guys with it and I’ve been doing so for the last 6 months. They are meticulous in their procedures and always make sure to clean extra carefully. No dust or other common allergens are left behind and the rooms always smell so nice. For such a major procedure they sure do it quickly and at quite affordable rates. Great service, no doubt the best in St John’s Woods and the entirety of Westminster.

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